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Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy – 3 Easy Poker Strategies That Will Double Your Money

When you “sit down” at an on-line Texas Hold’em poker table, you are already the other 99% of the table. At the very least you are the first person to play Texas Hold’em on that particular table. By sitting down, you make no difference to the game–the other players still must make their decisions, bet based on their hand, and play the game of poker. And, you probably cannot even see the other players’ faces or read their actions to learn how they are really playing.

But, there is one way that you can–if you are so inclined–make the other players at the table think that you are a donkey, a characterized hopeless fatty. And, this can be done many times in a poker hand. That is called a semi-bluff. A player can make a “semi-bluff” when the cards are just not good enough to give him a strong hand, but they are better than what he has.

Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy – 3 Easy Poker Strategies That Will Double Your Money


The term “semi-bluff” means a bet made by a player who is not holding a strong hand, but has some sort of drawing hand. pokerjazz77 The cards to be used to make a “semi-bluff” should be good enough to win the hand if they are drawn out in the course of a few betting rounds.

The “semi-bluff” itself is also known as a “semi-bluff.” And, a player can have several opportunities to semi-bluff as the cards are being discarded.

A “semi-bluff” is to be able to give the other players at the table false confidence. If the discards are bad cards, you can give the players at your table false confidence that maybe they are holding a better hand than you.

In other words, the “semi-bluff” can play the role of a charm, a way to make the other players at the table think that you have a good hand.

Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad beat are hands that you lose when you have the best hand pre-flop, on the flop, and on the turn. The feeling of anger and frustration is commonly associated with this kind of losing hand. What is important to remember is that you are not blessed with super- miraculously good cards every time you sit at the table to play. There are times when you will be out-played, and that is not pleasant.

In poker, you want to fold bad hands, and at the same time be aware of when you are beat. Bad beat can occur to anyone at anytime. If you are not willing to learn to win, you will keep losing the pots you sit in, the money you stack, and your confidence in your game. Why else do you continue to play poker when you know you are going to lose?

rattled and nervous

When you are trying to learn to play poker, you want to sit at the table with a lot of knowledge about the game. You cannot learn to wait your turns, to study the other players, to call when it is the right play, until you have stood at the table long enough to loose money. Money is the life blood for any poker player. Without good money management skills, the good skill days are not days of winning, let alone days of great play.

Disc overwhelms

In the last analysis, the knowledge of the odds that is pounded into your brain by someone who has played and wins often is no help. It is your awareness of what to do when confronted with a situation such as heads-up in middle position with the big blind to call you, when you have bet the pot on the river with a good hand, when you trap a opponent with a good hand, and when you flop a set against two opponents.

If you are going to win at poker, there are many frustrating aspects to the game. You are not going to learn to play well or rewarded for your skill in such a way that the cards you play fit in with the task at hand. And, you are not going to flounder around in the dark trying to find out how to do it. Because, there are good players out there who are doing it, and they are willing to tell you why they are doing it. Just accept that the cards you play carefully, are not going to miraculously turn into gold. Also, because it is not possible to play flawless poker, you cannot assume that you will have a perfect session or a perfect session where everything is going to be just fine.