Toronto Dinesafe Inspections

Source: City of Toronto, Public Health - Healthy Environments Program

This dataset includes 16 thousand eating and drinking establishments and inspections by City of Toronto, Public Health - Healthy Environments Program. Each establishment information includes business name, address, inspection date, inspection result, infraction details, actions, etc.

School Nourishment Program · Search Result

Business Name Establishment Address Inspection Date Status
Niagara St Junior Public School 222 Niagara St, Toronto, ON 2019-04-30 Pass
St. Francis Desalle Catholic School 333 Firgrove Cres, Toronto, ON 2019-04-30 Pass
Cordella Jr. Public School Lunch Program 175 Cordella Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-04-30 Pass
First Nations School of Toronto 16 Phin Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-04-30 Pass
North Bridlewood Jr. P.s.-snack Program 50 Collingsbrook Blvd, Toronto, ON 2019-04-26 Pass
Rockcliffe Middle School 400 Rockcliffe Blvd, Toronto, ON 2019-04-25 Pass
Pineway Public School 110 Pineway Blvd, Toronto, ON 2019-04-25 Pass
Rose Avenue Public School 675 Ontario St, Toronto, ON 2019-04-24 Pass
Oakwood Collegiate Institute (breakfast Program) 991 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON 2019-04-18 Pass
Firgrove Public School 270 Firgrove Cres, Toronto, ON 2019-04-17 Pass
George Syme - Public School 69 Pritchard Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-04-17 Pass
St. Brigid Catholic School 50 Woodmount Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-04-17 Pass
Sir Wilfred Laurier C.i. - Breakfast Club 145 Guildwood Pkwy, Toronto, ON 2019-04-16 Pass
Kidz Kare Daycare 15 York St, Toronto, ON 2019-04-16 Pass
The Waterfront School 635 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON 2019-04-11 Pass
Pauline Junior Public School 100 Pauline Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-04-11 Pass
J.r. Wilcox Ps Breakfast Program 231 Ava Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-04-09 Pass
Mrs Parks Nursery School 822 Millwood Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-04-08 Pass
St Helens Catholic School 1196 College St, Toronto, ON 2019-04-04 Pass
Givins/shaw School 49 Givins St, Toronto, ON 2019-03-28 Pass
West Hill Collegiate - Morning Meal Program 350 Morningside Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-03-27 Pass
Highcastle P.s. 370 Military Trl, Toronto, ON 2019-03-25 Pass
Military Trail P.s. Snack Program & Breakfast 701 Military Trl, Toronto, ON 2019-03-25 Pass
North Kipling Jr. Middle School Breakfast Program 2 Rowntree Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-03-22 Pass
Albion Boys & Girls Club 2533 Kipling Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-03-21 Pass
Kensington Jr Community School 401 College St, Toronto, ON 2019-03-20 Pass
Yorkdale Adult Learning Centre & Secondary School 38 Orfus Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-03-18 Pass
Church St School Nutrition Program 83 Alexander St, Toronto, ON 2019-03-18 Pass
Lord Lansdowne Public School 33 Robert St, Toronto, ON 2019-03-13 Pass
St. Agatha Before and After School Program 49 Cathedral Bluffs Dr, Toronto, ON 2019-03-01 Pass
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School 636 Glenholme Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-03-01 Pass
Student Meal Centre - Rm 504 550 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-02-28 Pass
Regina Mundi Catholic School 70 Playfair Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-02-22 Pass
Stephen Leacock Breakfast Program 2450 Birchmount Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-02-14 Pass
St. Martin De Porres School 230 Morningside Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-02-06 Pass
Eastview Jr. P.s. Snack Program 20 Waldock St, Toronto, ON 2019-02-05 Pass
Glamorgan Jr. P.s. - Snack Program 51 Antrim Cres, Toronto, ON 2019-02-01 Pass
Davisville Public School 529 Vaughan Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-02-01 Pass
St Paul's Parish Church Kitchen 83 Power St, Toronto, ON 2019-01-30 Pass
Ryerson School Lunch 96 Denison Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-01-28 Pass
Corvette Jr. P.s. Snack Program 30 Corvette Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-01-22 Pass
Walter Perry Jr. P.s. 45 Falmouth Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-01-22 Pass
Jean Vanier Css 959 Midland Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-01-22 Pass
Derrydown School Age Daycare 120 Derrydown Rd, Toronto, ON 2019-01-18 Pass
Fairbank Memorial Breakfast Club 555 Harvie Ave, Toronto, ON 2019-01-17 Pass
Orde Street Junior Public School 18 Orde St, Toronto, ON 2019-01-17 Pass
Daystrom Public School (snack Program) 25 Daystrom Dr, Toronto, ON 2019-01-15 Pass
Chaninade College School 490 Queens Dr, Toronto, ON 2019-01-14 Pass
Market Lane Public School 246 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON 2019-01-09 Pass
Sprucecourt Public School 70 Spruce St, Toronto, ON 2019-01-08 Pass
Subway Academy 2 64 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON 2018-12-21 Pass
James S. Bell Kinder Lunch Program 90 Thirty First St, Toronto, ON 2018-12-21 Pass
Carlton Village Public School 315 Osler St, Toronto, ON 2018-12-20 Pass
Holy Family Separate School 141 Close Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-12-19 Pass
Silver Springs Morning Breakfast Program 222 Silver Springs Blvd, Toronto, ON 2018-12-19 Pass
Pauline Johnson Jr. P.s. - Snack Program 35 Dunmurray Blvd, Toronto, ON 2018-12-18 Pass
Inglewood Heights Jr. P.s. - School Program 45 Dempster St, Toronto, ON 2018-12-18 Pass
St. Louis Separate School 11 Morgan Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-12-17 Pass
Lambton Park Child Care Centre 50 Bernice Cres, Toronto, ON 2018-12-14 Pass
St. Martha Catholic School 1865 Sheppard Ave W, Toronto, ON 2018-12-14 Pass
St. Theresa Shrine Catholic School 2665 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON 2018-12-13 Pass
Santa Maria Catholic School 25 Avon Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-12-13 Pass
Duke of Connaught School 70 Woodfield Rd, Toronto, ON 2018-12-12 Pass
Second Street School Snack Program 71 Second St, Toronto, ON 2018-12-11 Pass
Pineway Public School 110 Pineway Blvd, Toronto, ON 2018-12-07 Pass
Holy Spriit Catholic School Snack Program 3530 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON 2018-12-07 Pass
Flemington Public School 10 Flemington Rd, Toronto, ON 2018-12-06 Pass
Lawrence Heights Middle School 50 Highland Hill, Toronto, ON 2018-12-06 Pass
Baycrest School Nourishment Program 145 Baycrest Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-12-05 Pass
Jeanne - Lajoie 150 Carnforth Rd, Toronto, ON 2018-12-05 Pass
Charles G. Fraser School 79 Manning Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-12-04 Pass
Shirley Street Public School 38 Shirley St, Toronto, ON 2018-12-03 Pass
General Brock Snack Prog 140 Chestnut Cres, Toronto, ON 2018-11-29 Pass
Shoreham P.s. 31 Shoreham Dr, Toronto, ON 2018-11-29 Pass
Plasp 32 Victoria St, Toronto, ON 2018-11-29 Pass
Brock Junior Public School 93 Margueretta St, Toronto, ON 2018-11-27 Pass
Ecole Elemetaire Mathieu-da-costa 116 Cornelius Pkwy, Toronto, ON 2018-11-27 Pass
Glen Ravine Junior Breakfast Club 11 Gadsby Dr, Toronto, ON 2018-11-22 Pass
Brookview Nutrition Program 4505 Jane St, Toronto, ON 2018-11-21 Pass
Blake Public School 21 Boultbee Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-11-20 Pass
Runnymede Collegiate Institution - Breakfast Program 569 Jane St, Toronto, ON 2018-11-15 Pass
Beverley Heights Middle School 26 Troutbrooke Dr, Toronto, ON 2018-11-13 Pass
Our Lady of Guadalupe 3105 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON 2018-11-13 Conditional Pass
Wexford Collegiate Fresh Start Program 1176 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-11-13 Pass
St. Conrad School 5 Exbury Rd, Toronto, ON 2018-11-09 Pass
Highfield Junior School 85 Mount Olive Dr, Toronto, ON 2018-11-06 Pass
Hollycrest Middle School 630 Renforth Dr, Toronto, ON 2018-11-01 Pass
Blaydon Public School 25 Blaydon Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-10-30 Pass
Holy Rosary Catholic School, Student Nutrition Program 308 Tweedsmuir Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-10-29 Pass
John English Breakfast Club 95 Mimico Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-10-26 Pass
John English School Student Nutrition Site 95 Mimico Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-10-26 Pass
Perth Avenue Jr. Public School (snack) 14 Ruskin Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-10-25 Pass
Northlea Elementary and Middle School 305 Rumsey Rd, Toronto, ON 2018-10-19 Pass
Brook's Bistro Student Nutrition Program 155 Hilda Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-10-12 Pass
Dovercourt Public School 228 Bartlett Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-10-03 Pass
Forest Manor Ymca 25 Forest Manor Rd, Toronto, ON 2018-10-02 Pass
Heather Heights Jr P.s. 80 Slan Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-09-27 Pass
Heather Heights P.s. East Scarborough Boys & Girls Club 80 Slan Ave, Toronto, ON 2018-09-27 Pass
Breakfast Club 2180 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON 2018-09-26 Pass
Monsignor Fraser College Isabella 146 Isabella St, Toronto, ON 2018-09-26 Pass