Business Licences and Permits

Source: Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S), City of Toronto

This dataset includes 170,000 business licences issued by City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S). Municipal Licensing & Standards issues licences to various types of businesses and trades, as well as some mobile businesses in the City. This dataset contains information about specific categories of licences and permits incuding the licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.


Business Name Office Address Issue/Cancel Date
9432531 Canada Inc 8 Jordan Crt, Whitby, ON L1M 0A4 2019-12-03
Balaji Carriers · Balaji Carriers Ltd 27 Milkwood Ave, Toronto, ON M9V 1M2 2018-04-27
2525291 Ontario Ltd 389 Ontario St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2K5 2019-09-10
10066524 Canada Inc 75 Emmett Ave, #2311, Toronto, ON M6M 5A7 2019-04-30
Estate of M-murtuza Gowher 3 Bella Vista Way, Toronto, ON M3M 3H8 2019-04-13 ~ 2019-10-29
King Wheelchair Taxi Ltd 31 Mcmillan Ave, Toronto, ON M1E 4B4 2019-04-11
1494615 Ontario Ltd 15287 Duffys Lane, Bolton, ON L7E 3C7 2019-04-02
Amin Auto Mechanic Inc 1733 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON M3L 1A7 2018-10-25
Estate of David Emmanuel Barrett 134 Lord Simcoe Dr, Brampton, ON L6S 5G8 2018-02-27 ~ 2018-06-29
2588189 Ontario Inc 55 Bremner Blvd, #2508, Toronto, ON M5J 0A6 2017-08-15
Estate of Sreng Chea 10 Eddystone Ave, #236, Toronto, ON M3N 2T2 2017-04-24 ~ 2017-06-09
A Warraich Logistics Inc 41 Chelwood Rd, Toronto, ON M1K 2K5 2017-02-10
Islam, Naveed Toronto, ON M4H 2019-12-02
Haider, Sajjad Toronto, ON L1C 2019-11-25
Adali, Serdar Toronto, ON M4H 2019-11-14
Gowher, Shazuma Toronto, ON M3M 2019-10-29
Hussain, Fida Toronto, ON M1L 2019-10-15
Sindhu, Abid Ali Toronto, ON L1P 2019-08-26
Dogbe, Yao Toronto, ON M9W 2019-06-17
Holway, Mohammad Mohsen Toronto, ON L6B 2019-05-17
Dhaliwal, Sukhvir Singh Toronto, ON L7E 2019-03-29
Shah, Aqeel Ahmed Toronto, ON M1J 2019-03-20
Berhane, Biniam Teclemar Toronto, ON L1V 2019-02-12
Haider, Sara Toronto, ON M1L 2019-02-06
Fida, Sherjeel Toronto, ON M1L 2019-01-09
Bhangu, Irfan Toronto, ON L1P 2018-12-18
Haider, Kinza Toronto, ON L1C 2018-11-29
Ahmed, Kashif Waseem Toronto, ON M1L 2018-10-05
Hossain, Mohammad Jahang Toronto, ON M1K 2018-09-05
Khawaja, Muhammad Faisal Toronto, ON M1B 2018-08-31
Yusuf, Abdurehman M Toronto, ON M9R 2018-07-30
Green, Everard Sylvester Toronto, ON L6A 2018-07-16
Ashraf, Raheel Toronto, ON L1P 2018-07-03
Goitom, Matusala Fesseh Toronto, ON M1L 2018-06-29
Tayyab, Rana Muhammad Toronto, ON M1L 2018-06-25
Ngodup, Tsewang Toronto, ON M8Z 2018-06-14
Masoud, Samandar Toronto, ON M9V 2018-05-25
Collia, Franca Toronto, ON L5G 2018-05-02
Musse, Abdulkadir Abdi Toronto, ON M9B 2018-04-26
Alam, Suhail Toronto, ON M3C 2018-04-25
Nasim, Suleman Toronto, ON M9V 2018-04-19
Nure, Abdulhakim Ahmed Toronto, ON L1T 2018-04-05
Saleh, Nasser Toronto, ON M6G 2018-03-15
Seth, Ashok Toronto, ON M9V 2018-03-12
Zaidi, S Nasir Ali Toronto, ON L6A 2018-03-05
Ahmed, Tanveer Toronto, ON L1T 2018-03-01
Asad, Haroon Toronto, ON M9P 2018-02-28
Ahmed, Ibrar Toronto, ON M1K 2018-02-16
Matrosov, Arkady Toronto, ON L4C 2018-02-06 ~ 2018-02-13
Njoku, Angus Toronto, ON M9V 2018-02-06
Maniccam, Sriskantharajah Toronto, ON M1B 2018-02-05
Sukhera, Hafiz Zafarullah Toronto, ON M4H 2018-01-24
Mudei, Mohamud Toronto, ON M9P 2018-01-03
Balagurusamy, Mohanathan Toronto, ON L1X 2017-12-11
Mousa, Fethi Bedru Toronto, ON L1M 2017-11-23
Teclesenbet, Samson Berhe Toronto, ON M6E 2017-11-09
Sattari, Farhad Toronto, ON M9C 2017-11-03
Freed, Ikram Toronto, ON L6P 2017-09-27
Ahmad, Ali Toronto, ON L4S 2017-09-25
Bapary, Shakib Toronto, ON M1K 2017-08-02
Mir, Abdul Khaliq Toronto, ON L1X 2017-06-29
Popal, Jamshid Toronto, ON L1C 2017-06-09
Mian, Sohail Toronto, ON M1L 2017-06-06
Saroya, Amrit Raj Singh Toronto, ON L4T 2017-05-16
Latif, Khurram Toronto, ON M1R 2017-05-12
Choudhury, Jalal Uddin Toronto, ON M5A 2017-05-09
Multani, Gurvinder S Toronto, ON L6P 2017-05-02
Saini, Paramjit S Toronto, ON L6R 2017-04-27
Said Juma, Said Muhammad Toronto, ON M3A 2017-01-20
Mohammad, Tufail Akhtar Toronto, ON L1T 2016-12-23
Syed, Shahid Toronto, ON L6A 2016-12-19
Iyadurai, Jeyaraj Toronto, ON M4L 2016-10-27
Khandaker, Rasheduzzaman Toronto, ON M1L 2016-10-21
Ahmed, Abdulaziz Yusuf Toronto, ON M3H 2016-09-22
Malik, Nasrullah Khan Toronto, ON L6R 2016-09-20
Ali, Nesredin-yousuf Toronto, ON M4Y 2016-09-20
Naeem, Muhammed Toronto, ON M1J 2016-09-16
Sakha, Ahmad Shah Toronto, ON L4Z 2016-09-09
Tessema, Hailemichael Abebe Toronto, ON M1N 2016-09-08
Adeniji, Olufemi A Toronto, ON M9M 2016-09-08
Maheswaran, Pathmanathan Toronto, ON M1H 2016-09-02
Chowdhury, Mohammed Jahangir Toronto, ON M5A 2016-09-02
Warsame, Hassan Ahmed A Toronto, ON M9V 2016-09-02
Akomeah, Fredrick Toronto, ON M3M 2016-08-31
Shajahan, Mohamad Toronto, ON M5A 2016-08-31
Singh, Kulwant Toronto, ON L3R 2016-08-30
Hassan, Abokar Sheikh Toronto, ON L7A 2016-08-17
Bhuiyan, Shamim Azad Toronto, ON M1K 2016-08-08 ~ 2018-09-05
Akhtar, Saeed Toronto, ON L4E 2016-08-02
Mogaus, Adanne Toronto, ON M1P 2016-07-29
Naseer, Musa Toronto, ON L6R 2016-07-28
Talyanleh, Abdillah Mohamed Toronto, ON M5E 2016-07-28
Antwi-dikopim, Joseph Toronto, ON M6A 2016-07-19
Abdi, Maftuh Idris Toronto, ON L6B 2016-07-08
Ali Naqi, Haider Kalbi Reza Toronto, ON L1T 2016-06-30
Kanesu, Thayaparan Toronto, ON M3J 2016-06-27
Jama, Abdulkadir Farah Toronto, ON L9T 2016-06-23
Khan, Sarnawaz Toronto, ON L9E 2016-06-08
Owusu-ansah, Charles Kofi Toronto, ON L6V 2016-06-07
Alemu, Teklu Mamo Toronto, ON L1Z 2016-06-01