Business Licences and Permits

Source: Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S), City of Toronto

This dataset includes 170,000 business licences issued by City of Toronto, Municipal Licensing and Standards (ML&S). Municipal Licensing & Standards issues licences to various types of businesses and trades, as well as some mobile businesses in the City. This dataset contains information about specific categories of licences and permits incuding the licence/permit category, licence number, operating name, date issued, client's name, business address, business phone number, etc.


Business Name Office Address Issue/Cancel Date
Globe Driving Academy · Hovhannisyan, Nikolay Toronto, ON L0A 2019-12-02
Aa-a All Star Driving School · Rehan, Muhammad Toronto, ON M9A 2019-11-25
Winston's Driving Academy · Mitra, Nirjhendu Shekhar Toronto, ON M5A 2019-11-18
Express Driving School · Jin, Zhenzhe Toronto, ON M1V 2019-11-14
Millennium Driving School · Thirunavukkarasu, Parameswaran Toronto, ON L4L 2019-11-08
All Nations Driving School · Lake, Nigel Alec Toronto, ON M9V 2019-11-04
All Nations Driving School · Alekozai, Jamil Ahmad Toronto, ON M9W 2019-11-04
Kingsway Driving School Inc · Naganathan, Nagarajah Toronto, ON L4H 2019-10-31
Evergreen Driving School (north York) · Lee, Kar Wing Francis Toronto, ON L3R 2019-10-25
Responsible Driving Centre Inc · Yang, Wei Dong Toronto, ON L3R 2019-10-17 · Kalia, Rajeev Toronto, ON L6P 2019-10-16
Crown Driving Academy Inc · Ahmed, Waheed Toronto, ON M1H 2019-10-15
All Nations Driving School · Pakzad, Mohammad Ahsan Toronto, ON M9B 2019-10-11
Globe Driving Academy · Shaldon, Sergei Toronto, ON L4J 2019-10-08
Winston's Driving Academy · Kandhai, Mohini Persaud Toronto, ON M1E 2019-10-08
Millennium Driving School · Wallace, Elvin Augustus Toronto, ON L1W 2019-10-07
Cc Driving Academy- Agincourt · Xiong, Wei Dong Toronto, ON M1V 2019-10-03
One Stop Driving School · Wang, Xiaotong Toronto, ON L6E 2019-10-02
Leaside Driving Academy · Oli, Suresh Chandra Toronto, ON M1L 2019-10-02
Prostar Driving School · Subramanian, Mohanarajan Toronto, ON M4C 2019-09-30
Winston's Driving Academy · Chandeliya, Lenin Abhishek Toronto, ON L1S 2019-09-27
Popular Driving School · Zhou, Qingwen Toronto, ON M1T 2019-09-26
All Nations Driving School · Addai, Lovier Toronto, ON M6L 2019-09-26
One Stop Driving School · Zhang, Jun Toronto, ON L6A 2019-09-24
Evergreen Driving School (north York) · Gao, Zhifeng Toronto, ON L3S 2019-09-19
Great Driving School · Gupta, Rajni Toronto, ON L4T 2019-09-16
Shaaz Driving Academy · Alam, Mohammad Sharif Toronto, ON M1C 2019-09-13
All Nations Driving School · Malik, Mohammad Haroon Toronto, ON L6P 2019-09-13
A M B Driving School · Kao, Edgar I-hsiung Toronto, ON M3J 2019-09-12
New Method Driving School · Madahar, Sarbjit S Toronto, ON M9V 2019-09-06
A+ Driving School · Singh, Rajbeer Toronto, ON L1Z 2019-08-22
A M B Driving School · Niazi, Mariam Toronto, ON L4N 2019-08-13
Cc Driving Academy- Agincourt · Chen, Handong Toronto, ON L6E 2019-08-12
Hi-tech Driver Education · Sharma, Pardeep Kumar Toronto, ON L4K 2019-08-12
Leaside Driving Academy · Mahinpou, Manoucher Toronto, ON M4B 2019-08-08
Millennium Driving School · Akhtar, Hasina Toronto, ON M4C 2019-07-26
A M B Driving School · Rahman, Khandaker Mahmood Ur Toronto, ON M1L 2019-07-25
Aretre Driving School · Ansary, Md Moniem Toronto, ON M6K 2019-07-22
A M B Driving School · Rashidi, Khan Mohammad Toronto, ON M3C 2019-07-19
Express Driving School · Jiang, Yi Ming Toronto, ON M1V 2019-07-17
Karat Driving School · Khakpour, Pari Toronto, ON L4P 2019-07-16
Kingston Driving Academy · Pardal, Sanjeev Kumar Toronto, ON L3R 2019-07-10
Aa-a All Star Driving School · Siddique, Haroon Toronto, ON M9V 2019-07-10
A M B Driving School · Karmakar, Parijat Dawn Toronto, ON M1W 2019-07-08
T Dot Driving School · Neerajan, Vigitha Toronto, ON L3S 2019-07-05
Aa-a Green Light Driving School · Chaudhry, Mohammad Akram Toronto, ON L5R 2019-07-04
Leaside Driving Academy · Bathia, Aezaz Ahmed Toronto, ON M1G 2019-07-04
A M B Driving School · Patro, Mohan Rao Toronto, ON M2N 2019-07-02
Millennium Driving School · Kawsar, Halena Toronto, ON M3C 2019-06-28
Millennium Driving School · Damireddy, Amarnath Reddy Toronto, ON L1G 2019-06-28
Millennium Driving School · Syed, Amir Ahmed Toronto, ON M1P 2019-06-28
Aa-a All Star Driving School · Hussain, Shiraz Toronto, ON M9V 2019-06-28
Millennium Driving School · Khan, Javed Toronto, ON M1L 2019-06-26
Millennium Driving School · Hamid, Muhammad Toronto, ON M1R 2019-06-25
Hi-tech Driver Education · Rodriguez Morales, Maria Luisa Toronto, ON M6E 2019-06-25
Omega Driving School · Blagojevic, Ljubo Toronto, ON M9B 2019-06-24
Cc Driving Academy- Agincourt · Lau, Wei Huu Toronto, ON L6C 2019-06-18
Millennium Driving School · Kumar, Shalni Shalu Toronto, ON M1B 2019-06-17
Peaceful Driving School · Appiah-kubi, Justice Toronto, ON M3J 2019-06-14
Popular Driving School · Hassan, Imtiaz Ul Toronto, ON M1L 2019-06-13
My Ultimate Choice Driving School · Qadeer, Muhammad Toronto, ON M1K 2019-06-13
Cc Driving Academy- Agincourt · Zhang, Wei Toronto, ON M2J 2019-06-10
Aa-a All Star Driving School · Zaman, Aliya Toronto, ON M1V 2019-06-07
Aamco Driving School · Patel, Chiragkumar Raj Toronto, ON M1P 2019-05-29
Today's Driver · Nagi, Aftab Ali Toronto, ON M1K 2019-05-24
New Concept Driving School · Zhang, Xiu Yu Toronto, ON M4M 2019-05-23
Sprint Driving School · Ben Dahan, Yosef Shalom Toronto, ON L4C 2019-05-22
Hashmi, Syed Ayaz Aslam Toronto, ON M9V 2019-05-17
Beginner Driving School · Shah, Darshan V Toronto, ON M9L 2019-05-16
Aa-a Green Light Driving School · Aslam, Awais M Toronto, ON L5V 2019-05-14
Mega City Driving School · Tekle, Shishai Toronto, ON M9A 2019-05-09
All Successful Driving School · Zhang, Yongfei Toronto, ON M1V 2019-05-08
Gill, Amrit Kaur Toronto, ON M9W 2019-05-03
Kingsway Driving School Inc · Trinh, Van Khiem Toronto, ON M3J 2019-04-30
Evergreen Driving School · Deng, Hai Toronto, ON L6C 2019-04-29
Yongtong Driving School · Dong, Chun Lin Toronto, ON L6E 2019-04-25
Premier Driving School Ltd · Son, Dae Ik Toronto, ON M2N 2019-04-24
Midrive Training Institute · Chan, Hin Fai Toronto, ON L4C 2019-04-18
Leaside Driving Academy · Khan, Mohammad Ahmad Toronto, ON L1K 2019-04-17
Midrive Training Institute · Li, Zhuo Nan Toronto, ON L3S 2019-04-17
Sharma, Sanjogita Toronto, ON M9V 2019-04-16
Aa-a All Star Driving School · Malik, Sarfraz Toronto, ON L4L 2019-04-15
Aa-a All Star Driving School · Khalid, Wasim Toronto, ON L4H 2019-04-11
Millennium Driving School · Zaidi, Mohammad Taiyeb Toronto, ON M1P 2019-04-10
Aa-a Green Light Driving School · Chaudhry, Sameen Sultana Toronto, ON L5R 2019-04-08
Canadian Academy of Defensive Driving · Syed, Raheel Mustafa Toronto, ON L6E 2019-04-05
M.s.b Driving School · Dibor, Chinedu Christian Toronto, ON M9R 2019-04-03
Responsible Driving Centre Inc · Hu, Wei Ping Toronto, ON M1W 2019-04-03
My Ultimate Choice Driving School · Jashanpreet Singh Toronto, ON L6P 2019-04-03
Millennium Driving School · Habib, Javeria Toronto, ON M1G 2019-04-03
Shaaz Driving Academy · Mahmud, Md Akhter Murad Toronto, ON M1J 2019-04-02
All City Driving School · Johnson, Olga Sergueevna Toronto, ON K1H 2019-03-28
Malik, Tariq Aziz Toronto, ON L1S 2019-03-27
Maple Driving School · Tharmalingam, Kirubakaran Toronto, ON L4H 2019-03-22
Brisa Driving School · Contreras, Ramon Jose Toronto, ON M6N 2019-03-21
A M B Driving School · Mahbod, Siavash Toronto, ON M2N 2019-03-21
Cc Driving Academy- Agincourt · He, Jianqing Toronto, ON M1V 2019-03-21
Evergreen Driving School · Wang, Xihe Toronto, ON L3R 2019-03-20
Rajprohit, Shering Mohan Toronto, ON L6R 2019-03-19
Cc Driving Academy- Agincourt · Wang, Wen Hai Toronto, ON L6E 2019-03-19