Backgammon Software Brings Players Into The Twenty-First Century

If historians have given the late 1700’s and early 1900’s the title of the “Industrial Revolution”, we can well imagine that future historians are likely to call the late twentieth century and the early twenty-first century as the “Post-Millenial Revolution”. Of course, the Post-millenial Revolution is already upon us. Let’s name the year 1994 as the start of the new millennium; or rather the end of the first decade of the new millennium. Things have never been as good as they are today. We have never had so much for our little finger to hold onto, never so much choices, and never so much variety. Let’s take a moment and look at what we have available to us in the personal area of information, the area that coaches and players champion at the backgammon board. For example, the backgammon game has been in full swing for the last decade, and no player can credibly claim that backgammon sets were created or popularized in the last decade. Whether or not the present backgammon setup is the conventional backgammon set used at all, the modern backgammon game, the backgammon board game, is an Rockets game.

Played for money for almost a millennium, backgammon, a game that in the old days was associated with a prominent establishment and elite, has evolved into a game which can be enjoyed by everyone, and played just for the sake of enjoyment. Backgammon, a game that for centuries was an aristocratic pastime and was played during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, has succumb, at least in the United States, to the bluffs of unscrupulous newcomers to the game, who hear the word “Bolagila” and automatically assume they’re playing a game of elite class.

From what has evolved out of the original backgammon set-up, this super-duper-gypsy-something transitional game has evolved into a multiplicity of different card and set variations, all competing for people’s consideration and mindful enjoyment. Combining a backgammon setup with poker, bridge, checkers, dice and more, the modern game has become a “how much can I win” game. Unfortunately, the commercialization of the game has led to the loss of the social elements, and the Increasingly unpopular merging of poker with backgammon, driving the game from the halls of the upper class to the basements of the everyday working man.

To add insult to injury, the introduction of thousands of new players to the game, in the process creating a new intimidating complexity, has lead to theOrigin of the Backgammon Genie, a cleveranskyulation method that appears to be the best method for winning at backgammon. Along with this cleveranskyulation method, the guide also provides a statistical approach to the game recommending the best possible moves to make for each match. The Backgammon guide is written in a style that places it at the forefront of the valid and scientific approach to the game, setting it apart from the bad old basicbooks that other developers have left behind.

With this Backgammon guide, you can feel confident that you are setting yourself up for victory. The Backgammon guide provides a sound strategy for understanding the game, caution to the newbie and advice to the challenging player.

Learn To Be a Top Handicapper on NBA Basketball Games

Learn To Be a Top Handicapper on NBA Basketball Games
Handicapping NBA basketball games is one of the most exciting things you can do. You have access to a lot of very reliable information that will help you bet on NBA basketball game carefully. This also claim to help you win huge amount of money in the long term. However you should as well understand that you will not win every single time a bet is placed. The most important thing you should always keep in mind is to learn the art of basketball betting and the various betting strategies. If you are good at betting you can be a millionaire in basketball betting.

Learn To Be a Top Handicapper on NBA Basketball Games

NBA Basketball betting is much more than the sum of all the individual games that are played between various teams. There are many other factors and aspects too that will affect the outcome of a basketball game. If you are good at analyzing, you can be a good handicapper and make the odds of betting in your favor. However, it does not mean that you will win every time, so keep in mind that betting is not gambling. Every successful bettor develops his own strategy and techniques. Some of the commonly used strategies are table selection, odd comparison, money management and many more. These strategies, naturally, help a bettor to decide his next action when betting on NBA basketball game.

NBA basketball betting is much more than simple deciding who you think will win the game. You need to analyze many different aspects of the possible outcomes of the game. This can be very complex and take much learning. If you think you are very good at analyzing, you might be right, but there is always room for improvement. The more you analyze, the better you will become. Naturally, the more you learn, the more you will bet. Keep in mind that you need not bet on every game, you only bet on the games you have the best opportunity to win. You don’t bet on all games, only on those games where you think you have an edge.

Keep in mind too that analyzing statistics and data might not always be correct. Do not always believe what you see in the paper. Some of the best NBA basketball betting strategy involve the looking at the possible weather conditions of the stadiums. It is important too to look at the personnel of the team and the composition of the team as a whole.

ioncially, the best time to bet is when the bettor is close to making a prediction. If you are a few games away from the prediction and the game still needs to center, then you can bet right away. Betting right away, you will have more confidence on the prediction you are going to make. Usually, the bettors who are closer to the predictions are the ones who lose.

Once you learn and practice winning your bets on NBA basketball, then you will be ready to use these strategies in MLB baseball, NFL football, and other sports.

Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy – 3 Easy Poker Strategies That Will Double Your Money

When you “sit down” at an on-line Texas Hold’em poker table, you are already the other 99% of the table. At the very least you are the first person to play Texas Hold’em on that particular table. By sitting down, you make no difference to the game–the other players still must make their decisions, bet based on their hand, and play the game of poker. And, you probably cannot even see the other players’ faces or read their actions to learn how they are really playing.

But, there is one way that you can–if you are so inclined–make the other players at the table think that you are a donkey, a characterized hopeless fatty. And, this can be done many times in a poker hand. That is called a semi-bluff. A player can make a “semi-bluff” when the cards are just not good enough to give him a strong hand, but they are better than what he has.

Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy – 3 Easy Poker Strategies That Will Double Your Money


The term “semi-bluff” means a bet made by a player who is not holding a strong hand, but has some sort of drawing hand. pokerjazz77 The cards to be used to make a “semi-bluff” should be good enough to win the hand if they are drawn out in the course of a few betting rounds.

The “semi-bluff” itself is also known as a “semi-bluff.” And, a player can have several opportunities to semi-bluff as the cards are being discarded.

A “semi-bluff” is to be able to give the other players at the table false confidence. If the discards are bad cards, you can give the players at your table false confidence that maybe they are holding a better hand than you.

In other words, the “semi-bluff” can play the role of a charm, a way to make the other players at the table think that you have a good hand.

Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad beat are hands that you lose when you have the best hand pre-flop, on the flop, and on the turn. The feeling of anger and frustration is commonly associated with this kind of losing hand. What is important to remember is that you are not blessed with super- miraculously good cards every time you sit at the table to play. There are times when you will be out-played, and that is not pleasant.

In poker, you want to fold bad hands, and at the same time be aware of when you are beat. Bad beat can occur to anyone at anytime. If you are not willing to learn to win, you will keep losing the pots you sit in, the money you stack, and your confidence in your game. Why else do you continue to play poker when you know you are going to lose?

rattled and nervous

When you are trying to learn to play poker, you want to sit at the table with a lot of knowledge about the game. You cannot learn to wait your turns, to study the other players, to call when it is the right play, until you have stood at the table long enough to loose money. Money is the life blood for any poker player. Without good money management skills, the good skill days are not days of winning, let alone days of great play.

Disc overwhelms

In the last analysis, the knowledge of the odds that is pounded into your brain by someone who has played and wins often is no help. It is your awareness of what to do when confronted with a situation such as heads-up in middle position with the big blind to call you, when you have bet the pot on the river with a good hand, when you trap a opponent with a good hand, and when you flop a set against two opponents.

If you are going to win at poker, there are many frustrating aspects to the game. You are not going to learn to play well or rewarded for your skill in such a way that the cards you play fit in with the task at hand. And, you are not going to flounder around in the dark trying to find out how to do it. Because, there are good players out there who are doing it, and they are willing to tell you why they are doing it. Just accept that the cards you play carefully, are not going to miraculously turn into gold. Also, because it is not possible to play flawless poker, you cannot assume that you will have a perfect session or a perfect session where everything is going to be just fine.

Playing Felts Poker

Playing Final Four games is fun, but when it’s the national championship game in your blood, that usually shatters any illusion you have about not making it to the NFL. Everyone wants to be a part of the greatest team. When I say we want to be a part of the greatest team, I’m not talking primarily money or ego. I am talking about knowledge.

One of the biggest problems you will find is players and coaches alike, are overly focused on the money. That’s right, the money. Money is easy toImportant, it’s easy to get a verbal shout out during a pregame speech, but what about the knowledge that comes from the hard work of preparation, that little bit extra sharp feeling you get in your stomach when the clock is down and you’re really past all the game of luck? Well that’s mathematicians, that’s critical thinking and it’s also poker.

You can’t calculate the probability of a specific hand, or argue that a specific hand shouldn’t happen just because it’s the last hand in a tournament. That’s just part of poker, the excitement of taking that extra tiny edge over your opponent, the knowledge that at any moment, the rest of the table can flip a switch to make you a 20% favorite.

It’s really important to think about the probability of a hand happening, and not only that, what your own hand might be capable of. As a coach, you can see the error your team is making and that’s where you need to step in. Give a high dose of reality to what is actually going on right now. As the poker prodanvers, “that’s not a hand we want.” I would suggest starting right now to get a better handle on the probabilities involved in all facets of the game.

Primetime Television

When is the last time you saw a poker player on prime time television? I’d bet the last time was probably the World Series of Poker in the early 1970s. Then all the pros were on together and viewers followed each event. Today, poker is probably hottest topic on the planet and regularly appears on television.

There are newscasts dedicated to all things pokerace99. Chris Moneymaker, the 2003 WSOP champion, was the main story, but there are others, like Annie Duke, Chris Moneymaker’s brother, that get as much ink as the pros. These packages, which are usually two or three 30 minute segments, run for several minutes and earn their names recognition. One of the package stories, I’ll give you a minicamp.

It featured a live interview with a poker pro. Moneymaker was interviewed about his initial preference to play in the $2,500 No Limit Hold em event and how he truly began to understand the game.

anny green eye pants

Before I get into the substance of the issue, let me cheers for ESPN’s coverage of the $2,500 event. Annie Duke made an excellent point about money management and bankroll management. These are two extremely important themes that the average poker player can’t afford to ignore and those that do, are almost exclusively in the $5,000 to $10,000 range.

First of all, you have to determine a bankroll before the season even begins. You have to determine what your standard raise would be, based on your bankroll. Then you have to determine your desired opponent, based on how much your opponent’s bankroll is, as well as how large a percentage of your opponent’s bankroll you need to get heads up. I personally prefer low risk opponents with a low bankroll, but your spring-board point to adjust.

Secondly, you really must be getting prospective bookmakers lines and odds in order to make the wagering decisions that tell you how to play your bankroll. Many new players have trouble committing to anything other than a specific ace, king, and a high card. If you are looking at a Ladbrokes bet, it looks like this:

You like bet $20 to win $40.The underdog bet $20 to win $40.You have 3 callers.The odds are even.

You bet $60 to win $80.The underdog bet $60 to win $80.

You bet $200 to win $80.The underdog bet $200 to win $80.

You bet $40 to win $80.The odds are even.

You bet $200 to win $80.The underdog bet $200 to win $80.

You bet $80 to win $80.The odds are even.

You bet $80 to win $80.The underdog bet $80 to win $80.

You bet $160 to win $80.The odds are even.

You bet $160 to win $80.The underdog bet $160 to win $80.

The Latest Trends in Fashion: What to Look Out For This Spring

The Latest Trends in Fashion: What to Look Out For This Spring
Every new season brings with it a new set of fashion trends, and this spring is no exception. From bold colors to bold prints, there’s something for everyone this spring. Whether you’re looking for an outfit to make a statement or one that will give you a more subtle look, there are plenty of options out there. Here’s a look at some of the latest trends in fashion that you should keep an eye out for this spring:

Bright Colors

Bright colors are always big during the warmer months and this spring is no different. Look out for bright pops of color like pink, yellow and orange in everything from dresses and skirts to tops and shoes. Not only are these colors great for adding some vibrancy to your wardrobe but they can also be used as accent pieces when paired with more neutral shades like white or grey. If you’re feeling daring then why not mix multiple bright shades together? This will create an eye-catching look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Floral Prints

Nothing says ‘springtime’ quite like floral prints, so it comes as no surprise that they continue to remain popular each year around this time. Whether it’s delicate ditsy florals or more vibrant tropical patterns – floral prints can be found on just about every item imaginable right now including dresses, blouses, skirts and even accessories such as bags and sunglasses! Floral prints are easy to style too; just add some simple solid colored items such as jeans or plain t-shirts in order to balance out the busy patterned pieces.

Pastel Tones

Pastels have been trending heavily over the past few seasons now but unlike brighter hues which tend towards summer months – pastels are perfect all year round especially during the cooler transitional period between winter and summer when we start transitioning our wardrobes accordingly! Think soft pinks, light blues & pretty lilacs – all very feminine shades which work well with other neutrals such as white & cream but also stand perfectly on their own creating timeless elegant looks effortlessly!

Denim Everything

Denim has been around forever yet somehow continues its reign over our wardrobes season after season! From denim jackets & jeans through classic shirts & even dresses – denim pieces remain ever so versatile making them ideal staples throughout any wardrobe regardless of individual style preferences! Denim can easily be dressed up or down making it great if you want something quick yet stylish; simply add some heels along with a cute bag & jewelry pieces – voila – instant eveningwear glamour achieved without wasting any time whatsoever!

Statement Pieces

If you want something unique then why not try investing in some statement pieces? These could range from funky slogan t-shirts through elaborate embellished accessories right up until intricate embroidered coats – whatever takes your fancy really when it comes down expressing yourself through your clothing choices because let’s face it – fashion does have its limits yet creativity does not so don’t be afraid experiment (within reason!) when tackling those tricky styling challenges ahead…

Neutrals Galore Neutral tones never seem go out of trend either providing us all with much needed versatility during those “I don’t know what wear today” moments we’ve all experienced at least once throughout our lives… Choose neutral tones if minimalism appeals most since they often provide subtlety whilst still enabling us express ourselves within certain parameters without going overboard too much… Try pairing black/white/grey items together creating low key monochromatic looks which somehow manage ooze sophistication without breaking bank either…

Overall whatever trends float your boat just pick wisely given current circumstances remaining mindful about budget limitations etcetera… Surely enough creativity shall prevail allowing us come up triumphant despite seemingly challenging times ahead thus proving once again how powerful fashion truly is!!

A New Kinder And Gentler Breed Of Professional Poker Players

THE NEW BREED OF PROFESSIONAL POKER PLAYERS ARE SURPRISED, unexpectedly, to find that the cut-throat world of professional poker – the world in which you make your living by playing only the top 20 hands, based on the odds – has gone.

Many of the new breed of professional poker players are surprised to find that the game has moved on. The new breed already enjoys widespread professional poker player status in many poker-playing nations, and their work has been published in full in a new book by two of the new breed, Chips & Cards: How to Play Texas Hold ‘em Like the Pros.

In part two of the book, the Breeders describe how they were able to establish themselves as a more legitimate force in the professional poker community, how they kept their appearance respectable and how they have maintained their status as the inside guys largely responsible for bringing professional poker tobooks.

The Breeders write that although there is “still lots of money to be made in Texas Hold ‘em,” they stress that their primary motivation for doing this book is to publicize the methods of the “old school” versus the “new school.” In other words, the Breeders appeal to the best and most experienced players in the professional poker community, who by now have become well known in the circles of poker playing. The Breeders write that although there are a few blinds in the game of Texas Hold ‘em, which they take advantage of always, their main objective is to beat the Texas Hold ‘em lottery jackpot as “often as Dewalive.” This, the authors insist, is better than attempting to win the jackpot, because even though each round of poker can cost the player several hundred dollars, the cost of the game is much less than the jackpot. Thus, according to the authors, although the authors do not attempt to hide their approval of gambling, they want their readers to understand that they are not encourage high frequency betting.

The Breeders begin by explaining Texas Hold ‘em in detail, examining the components of the game, and the general purpose of the game. They talk about the importance of starting with a “strong hand,” and of staying in the game by making a continuation bet, even if you feel uninterested in your hand. The first Breeders Tip of the Book according to the authors is not exactly what you might call an instruction on the mechanics of the game, but it is important nonetheless. The authors stress the importance of building a hand, playing it out, determining the opponents, and betting intelligently. In doing so, you will learn one of the most important points about the game: that winning is not always easy.

The second point the authors make is that you will not win all the time, that what you win with will not always stay with you, that what you lose will not last forever. They use the example of a person who deposits $100 and wins $100 +$10 on a single hand. The authors tell the story of this person, which allows the reader to picture the stakes of the game, and to understand what kinds of strategies the author recommend. You will be able to see where the authors are emotional, and rely on their opinions to tell you whether you are ready to make that “all-in” bet, or whether you should fold instead. The bottom line is that the authors are gamblers, and while they know the pros and cons of playing their favorite game, they will also tell you how they have found to be profitable in other ways.

The final instruction from the authors of the Breeders’ Poker Guide is that you have to be careful in reading what other players say about the game, especially the opinions of the pros. They will tell you that what they have to say is representative, but it will be up to you to create your own conclusions. The pros of the game may have a lot to say about their own game, but ultimately, the final decision on what they think is best develops from personal experience. Therefore, you can find many articles, reports, and aspects of poker which will help you develop your own approach to the game. The Breeders’ Guide to Texas Hold ‘Em is one of the better published guides on the subject, and is worth the $39.

Expert opinion is not the only advice the authors of the guide provide. They tell you of various tournaments that have been won by various hands, and how the winner was achieved. You will even be able to see how the authors Malone and Connolly acquire their wealth.

Internet Casinos – How to Play

Gambling can be fun and risky at the same time. The thrill of the outcome of the game is so minted that it can lure players into buying lottery tickets or otherwise, engaging in activities that they know little about. Some might end up spending more than they should, but hey, it’s only entertainment.

Online casinos are known to be one of the most sensible kinds, and when you are spending money, there should be some safeguards. Burn your tickets when you win because it makes you stop, and the next time you will think that you will win, but if you do not think of that moment, you will never remember that you actually did.

In gambling, the most important thing that you should remember is to make sure that you can afford to lose, especially to friends or family. Do not make promises that you cannot afford to keep, or that you will give back any of the money. slot gacor Make sure that if you are spending money, it will be an amount that you can afford to lose, so that you will not be ruined financially.

Compared to the other gambling games, casino slots are easier to win because in this game, the technology that you are using to play is more sophisticated. Unlike traditional gambling games, you do not need to find a specific slot machine and in the casino, you can find slot machines by the cited names or by their manufacturer’s names. You can also choose to play classic 3-reel slots, or video slots. However, the recommended classic 3-reel slots are the International Game Technology orIGTAdvanced Game Technology series of slots, which feature state-of-the-art features and a more traditional feel. These are the IGT MegaSound Slots, which feature a score system – an unmatched, which provides the highest score based on the spins the player gets. Video slots are the top-tier games and are probably the most well-known casino games. Here you can find a selection of classic 3-reel, 5-reel, and progressive jackpot machines.Considering the name of the machines, these slots are ideal for casino visitors who are usually the ones who like to spend the whole day in the casino. Yet, for us mere mortals, we need to come up with strategies to beat the odds, right?

Yes there are strategies. The first one is to identify the hot slot machines. Here you can find several hot slots but try to stick to the one that everyone seems to be playing. Do not try to change casinos if you must play here. Casinos are known to go through cycles of bad luck. If you think it’s because you are not winning, you are wrong.

The casinos continuously monitor the results of the games. When people are gambling, more often than not, they still return. This fact alone explains why casinos are able to afford such luxurious facilities.

Another strategy adapted from the popular game of roulette is the progression betting. This works well in roulette games because the probability of winning is higher when you bet higher amounts of money. Progression betting may work for roulette but it will not work in blackjack or slots. This is because the casinos have an edge over players when they are using such systems.

Folksy people don’t play roulette or blackjack or slots without a system. It’s just the same as if you were to play poker. If you play proficiently, use proper etiquette while at the table, and use effective strategies, you will win in the long run.

The bottom line is that it is not so much safer to play online because the casino still has the edge. However, these games are still so popular that players will give the edge to the casinos knowing that they have a better chance online.

Gates of Fortune slots game is one of the popular online slots that can be tried. This is a 3-reel, single pay-line slot machine. The sheer energy of the game is such that it moves from screen to screen with such rapidity that players often lose track of the way they are playing. Yet still, spectators watch with amazement as the speedster spins unsuspecting depending on his approaches.

The game of heads and tails in the popular video slot, King Cash, has players betting on whether the throw of the dice will be greater than or less than a player’s current bet. More often than not, royal flush wins the game as players’ stakes money is doubled or tripled.

Online slots come in a variety of playing card designs and texture themes. Many of the best slots companies design animated graphics and sound effects for their sites, too. The sounds and graphics, blend with the environment in which the game is set.

Gambling, no matter how much of a risk it may be, is worth it. Winning is sweeter in any case.

Ways to Be a Winner When Gambling Online

For thousands of years, Gambling Online has been a favorite past time. It started a very long time ago in the history of human civilization. It can be dated back to the ancient Rome, which gave birth to many famous Gambling Online games. For example, the famous card game of “Primero” was invented during the reign of the First Spanish King, Donoso XV. slot138 daftar This game became very popular and is still a popular Casino game played today in Las Vegas.

Many gambling games that we are familiar with today were developed over the years. Some of the more famous card games include “Baccarat,” “Blackjack,” and even “20-one,” a variation of “Baccarat” which is played in some Las Vegas casinos. All of these games were created by masters of the game who were interested in luring people to the casino to slowly drain their wallets and to eventually lose all of their money.

Although Lady Luck does play a role in the spinning of the roulette wheel and the throwing of the dice, ultimately it is the strong hands that win the pot. In “Baccarat,” the players bet on the player or the banker using a system of card-counting. Card counting is very complicated but is often used by professional gamblers, illegal or otherwise, to avoid being caught and brought under suspicion. In Nevada, card counting is illegal and if you are caught you may be banned from entering the casinos again, or face possible jail time. However, many professional gamblers, professional card counters, and even famous mathematicians have learned how to win big money at gambling by using different strategies and methods of playing.

Card counting is a strategy or method of playing which seeks to gain an advantage over the casino by obtain information on the number of cards being dealt and played by the casino. The card counting method is NOT, and should never be used as an excuse to steal money from the casino. If you choose to count cards, you should always remember that the cards will still be dealt out until all of the deck is used, or until the deck is dead.

Many players, even Have basic! however, flock to the craps table because of the excitement and the fast pace. Basic! is a game of poker rules, and there is no excitement or “luck” involved. If you are looking for some excitement, thrown into a danger-free environment, Basic! is the game for you. If you are ready to lose small amounts of money without being aware of what you are doing, or if you are looking for a method of playing that can be used over and over again, look no further than blackjack!

Blackjack is a game of mathematical statistics. When playing “21,” do not be tempted to go over 21. You will bust in the process, and stand a small chance of busting, however the house edge is low and if you bust you will lose big. Many players fall in love with the game of blackjack because it seems so easy to win. However, the house edge on the game of blackjack hovers around .60%. This is the big one, the one that keeps you in the house and bleeding money. Understand?

The rules of blackjack are so simple, so why is it that the game is sometimes known as a “sure thing”? Because casinos know that most people are going to come home playing blackjack and lose. The odds of this happening is so high, that the house has to protect itself from these people. Set a limit and if you lose it, leave the casino. These rules are in place to help the house and the casinos, and no player should ever feel like they are being railroaded into a game they should not be playing.

Blackjack and basic strategy are not difficult to learn, but it does take a lot of practice to learn how to effectively manage your money as the game comes into play. Whether you sit in a Vegas casino or at an online casino, you should find a “Basic Strategy” card or chart and practice the game in your own home. Throw away your etiquette and blackjack strategy if you can; the game is really a simple one. When practicing, you should always try to play as loose as you can. When you sit at a table against experienced players, you should have a secure hand. If you have the cards, you should play very aggressively. Your hands are likely to lose value at this point and have to be blown out, so have a strong defense. But, don’t be afraid to play conservatively when you have a surefire hand.

“The house has the edge” is the fourth big poker concept to keep in mind. Never let the fact that the casino is the “house” influence your decisions. Look at the odds favorably in your favor; there is always a reason to bet or call for a hand.

Clearly, Poker is a Game of Odds – Not Skill

You play cards, I play poker, we play at home, in casinos, online, in every variety of game. Everyone is familiar with the names- Pocket Rockets, Double honks, Three loves, Ten of diamonds, anything. So, what do you know about poker odds?

You know the odds in some game cards – 10 to 1, 9 to 1,……… To put it another way, the odds of being dealt the exact hole cards is 50/50, or more precisely (50)/(50). Yeah, these are the “odds” We are always playing with. But, is it really true, that there are no skillful poker players? Or, is poker a game of luck?

Let’s chop it up a bit – you know, the usual cliche that money won from a slot machine cannot be exchanged for coin with a whole lot of difference, you know the old saying about how much you threw away could have been £100,000, just by tipping a casino. To put it another way, you have a 1 in 49 chance of successfully tipping the casino, while their is a 1 in 52 chance if you buy the credits should you win.

So, what is thearcadetableand casinocardroom odds? They are the opposite – the casino has a greater edge than you do.

That’s Bad Poker Odds

Why does that matter? Remember, the maths is simple – you can’t say you have the best hand, so why buy the insurance when the dealer has the better hand? The casino makes money by offering odds of more than 1.5:1 on virtually every hand you will play over the long term. If the odds are more than 1.5:1, the casino will always win if you play, guaranteed.

In cash games, the casino makes a lot more than 1.5:1 on every hand you will play. However, unlike blackjack, roulette and slots, the dollar amount does not depend on how much you bet during each hand. So, if you bet $5 a hand at blackjack, and lost, you would not get £5 exchanged, but £10 – still a tidy profit.

At poker, the reverse is true. The casino makes a lot more than 1.5:1 on every hand you will play, but the player is not guaranteed a profit. The casino prices cards, poker chips, prizes, and other such things in terms of the odds, or the probability of completing a hand, which is always in the casino’s favour.

Clearly, the average poker player must adjust the odds of winning in his favour, and do so more fully, in order to make a long-term profit from poker.

Given that blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat have better odds than pokers, why is poker considered so much better? Because you can make a lot more money, over time, with poker than with any other game.

If you know the odds of the game you are playing (and most poker players think they know these odds already, it’s not as hard as it first appears. Best of all, you don’t need to work at it. Most books on poker from the last few years are excellent learning tools and if you play to your strengths, most of them fairly easy to learn, most of them can be implemented with no previous knowledge of the game.

So, why is poker easy, and blackjack, roulette and Dewavegas (especially craps) difficult? Could it possibly be that all of these games are games of luck, while none of them involve playing against human opponents, so they are less mentally challenging? If that’s the case, maybe that’s why poker players say they don’t play them too much, could it not be that playing against a big dog makes the game easier, not more difficult?

Best of luck, and dry barraging.